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"End of Abundance in Tech." -Book Review

I just finished reading “End of Abundance in Tech” by Ben Debow this weekend. It really resonated with my experience in the Government and thought for sure commercial industry would not have the same problems. However, that is not the case.

End of Abundance in Tech by Ben Debow
End of Abundance in Tech by Ben Debow

The universal problem is “no one really knows for sure how healthy his or her technology environment is today and how much it will be able to support tomorrow.” This is compounded by the fact that "everyone looks at it from their own perspective" in both Commercial (CEO, CFO, CIO, CDO) and Government (Commanders and your 6s).

The reason for this is “there is no standards for capturing and measuring data and therefore no financial transparency”. Ben’s book does a good job of outlining the problems, identifying the need for key metrics, and ensuring we apply cost to those metrics so that all levels and positions within the organization have the information required to enable informed decisions and in the languages that all parties can understand.

Written by Dean M. Hoffman IV



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