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Navigating DoD Industrial Security requirements can be a daunting task. Let us simplify the process.

Industrial Security

AIC, in partnership with First Security Solutions (FSS), provides Industrial Security Consulting for all facets of Facility Clearance Levels (FCL).

Facility Clearance Levels (FCL) ensure that organizations have the necessary security authorization to engage in classified activities while adhering to strict security protocols and safeguarding sensitive information. 

First Security Solutions, LLC is an industrial security consulting company headquartered in Wilmington, North Carolina. FSS was established in October of 2022 by Hannah Olson, a former U.S. Army Military Intelligence Officer.


While participating in a transitioning service member internship with AIC, she recognized a need within the small business ecosystem. It became evident that after startups and small defense companies were awarded classified contracts and DD254s, they faced challenges locating guidance and implementing procedures to comply with the National Industrial Security Program and Operating Manual’s (NISPOM) requirements. She also noticed many struggled to allocate the necessary time and resources to serve as their Facility Security Officer (FSO) and Alternates.

Whether you are seeking assistance beginning the FCL process or simply need Facility Security Officer (FSO) services, FSS supports businesses navigating the complex process of obtaining and maintaining the necessary security clearances to access classified information. Industrial security consulting services encompass a range of expert guidance and support provided to organizations seeking to obtain, maintain, or upgrade their FCL.

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"At FSS, we aim to simplify the
Facility Clearance process and provide businesses with the opportunity to reclaim their already limited time and resources."

Hannah Olsen

Founder of FSS

Our Process

Our consultants and Alternate FSOs work closely with clients to evaluate specific needs, develop comprehensive security plans, conduct risk assessments, and provide recommendations for mitigating vulnerabilities. We adapt each service to your company’s requirements, conducting an initial assessment, then providing feedback and recommendations. From there, we employ a cost-effective monthly retainer, based on the organization's structure and needs.


Building a comprehensive industrial security program is key to the effective management and safeguarding of an organization's FCL. Upon program set up, we will create, manage, and report on the following:

  •  FCL Establishment

  •  Security Contract Management (DD254)

  •  System Security Plan (SSP) unique to your organization

  •  Personnel Security Clearance Program

  •  Physical Security Program

  •  Anti-Terrorism Program

  •  International Travel Program

  •  Special Access Programs

  •  Annual and Routine Security Education and Training (SEAT) Program

  •  Insider Threat Program and Training

  •  Manage Incidents and Investigations Program

  •  Audits and Self-Assessments

  • Provide access to Subject Matter Experts with diverse DoD experience

  • Alternate FSO-As-A-Service

  • And more

The Results

Our consultants work closely with clients and our government counterparts to ensure NISPOM compliance and proactively mitigate security issues that could hinder company operations.


Industrial security consulting services fall in line with the DoD NISPOM and the Director of Central Intelligence Directives.

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Let's Work Together

Book a call today to learn more about our security clearance services.

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