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Chiron-X1 Body Armor System: Demo Day

Earlier this month, we had the pleasure of hosting Chiron Global Tech during its visit to the U.S. at Oak Grove Technology Test & Training Center, Fort Liberty, and Camp Lejeune. Chiron showcased its cutting-edge personal protection system, the Chiron-X1, designed for Defense, Law Enforcement, Security, and Corrections personnel.

The Chiron-X1 is a highly protective, full-coverage, lightweight armor system designed for highly realistic CQB training. The Chiron X1R based on the X1 design is also under development for riot, civil unrest and highly dangerous scenarios including violent prisoner cell extraction/transportation, and other high-risk security scenarios.

The Chiron-X1 enables seamless ‘force continuum escalation’ training where personnel can easily switch from kinetic to non-kinetic training without changing equipment or suits, promoting superior levels of training realism while reinforcing correct muscle memory.

With its flexibility and rapid response capabilities, the Chiron-X1 is a game-changer, ensuring both safety and agility in challenging environments. 

For more information about the Chiron-X, please contact Frank Sawicki, Hannah Olson or Lindsey Sumakeris here at Accel Innovation.

Or visit Chiron-X1's website:



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